Saturday, March 21, 2009

SEMINAR Kewajipan Khilafah Kini Di IPOH (PERAK) 28 Mac

Marilah beramai-ramai kita menghadirikan diri dalam SEMINAR yg julung kali diadakan di PERAK ini. Moga ia menjadi satu percambahan pemikiran dan memberi satu alternatif baru dalam menyelesaikan permasalahan politik di Perak. AYuh..yob semua, sesakkan dewan di masjid negeri, gegarkan seruan khilafah di Perak.

Hanya dengan Khilafahlah kita dapat menyelesaikan permasalah di Perak. Bukannya dengan kembalik kepada Sistem yang telah dibuat oleh pihak penjajah yakni Sistem Demokrasi. Ayuh bukakan minda kalian untuk mengembalikan Islam dengan Khilafah.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

POKOK Demokrasi.


Mereka kata mereka sekadar menggunakan demokrasi sbg waqi' utk mengembalikan Islam dan bukannya mempertahankan demokrasi. Namun bila dilihat terhadap peristiwa di Perak di mana exYB melafazkan ikrar dibwah pokok demokrasi dengan sedalamnya untuk mempertahankan demokrasi. Jadi memang benar-benar kontradik di antara pernyataan pertama dan kedua, hanya berdolah-dalih supaya menampakkan mereka tidak menyokong demokrasi sebaliknya utk kembalikan Islam. Bagi rakya yang mengikuti perkembagan terbaru ini pasti akan terus diperbodohkan malahan mengelirukan padangan umat itu sendiri. Sehinggakan mereka telah membuat seperti satu tugu peringatan didlm sejarah persidangan DUN dilakukan di bwah pokok. Pemujaan kepada pokok juga dpt diperhatikan disitu dlm usaha hendak memanifestanikan sistem demokrasi.Sehinga mereka sanggup berdua

Monday, March 9, 2009

Khilafah Brothers

Artikel Menarik Utk Dibaca.

Perak...oh....Perak..Kembalilah kepada Al-Quran dan As-Sunnah

Today, I have an assignment to go to D35 platform. It is my first time to go the platform, because of late confirmation delivered to me, I don 't have enough time to arrange my travel. Something to sharing on current Malaysia politic , will be tri by election and unstable politic at perak. Perak 's politik is the ever that happen in our country with domicracy ideology.

we had seen in electronic media & printed media,all about perak politic I.e. Tree house,disobey sultan decision, not illegal in malaysia constitusion and what not. All these events and scenario, we shall seek the root cause of the problems and do not just think inside the box but we have to be more intelektual by think out of the box. One of the problem solving that I learn while working at petronas is RCPS ( Root Cause Problem Solving).

The method is easy and interesting to solved any problem that we want to. By applying this useful method on the Perak unstable politic, we may find what
are the possible root cause.RCPS come with 5 Why?.We had to ask why the problem occurred and continue asking why for each possible cause that we had found. Normally we possibility to find the root cause at the 5th Why. As example, why the Perak has the crisis? Because of the fighting to get the power by both Pakatan Rakyat and BN.

Again, why the want the power even they have to use unintegrity method? Because when they have the power, they will get the everything I.e. Got a lot of money, got a lot of project, got a lot of friends. The main thrust in capitalism ideology is benefit,you willing to die for it if there any benefit if you were sucessfully. Citizen just looking at the political issue and will have their opinion on that, some of them said that the politic is too much lie, cronism, and etc.

This will reflect on their thinking about politic eventhough Rasulullah also a political. Continue back on my assignment trip to D35,I had finally arrived at
D35 at 9.39pm after almost 4hours and half journey using Fast Crew Boat namely Bokir Firsaus 7. Even though I am quite tired after arrived at D 35,but it was an interesting and enjoyful experience. It was my oppurtunity to see and feel the journey to D35,besides FCb had 2 times stopped to pick personnel at D18 and Bayan platform.

The precious experieces will be remembered and my personally memory at Sarawak Operations.i'm return back to shore on the day of maulid nabi,we as Muslim shall refer to Al-Quran and As-Sunnah whenever come to any disagreement,not by refering to western people or ask advised from them because Islam has the best system created by almighty Allah.

I have a lot from my 4 days at offshore in term of investigation method and the way to interview people properly without make then felt offence by the investigation.I'm back to shore using sikorsky chopper about 1 hour flight from D35 to Bintulu Airport.

Iskandar@4.29pm (Maulidur Rasul)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Merintis Kembara Ukhuwah Islam Ke KAPIT

Today,I'm planning to go to kapit and I had arrived at kapit around 6.30am..duduk dihotel di kapit.then we check in hotel with rm55 per night.some of the interesting part through the journey I can see a lot of charateristic of people.they life in hard manner but still manage to survive and care their children.we stopped at bintulu to have a lunch before continue out journey to sibu,charge rm5 for the lunch.we went to kapit using good success boat with charge rm30 per one way.

here,they still practice some conventional method of life.besides that,through the way,I saw a lot of logging company and of course they survive by majority work in that logging industry.on the night,we have a dinner at street stall near to the fully inn hotel.we had order ikan baong masak pedas and fried chicken,telur dadar.the food here quit nice and not because I'm hungry then I say it is delicious.we had walkabout around kapit town,shown by ridzuan rawi the post office and the education main office in kapit.

Tomorow we plan to have a breakfast and walking area pasar.i'm wake up early in the morning at 5.45am,to look the scenario in kapit early morning besides rountine to perform subuh prayer.we planned to leave kapit around 9am in the morning after a little walkabout around kapit town.we still want to stop at bintulu to see some interesting and tourist area, at least we may buy some souvenir to bring to Miri.we went for a breakfast at gelanggang kenyalang and eat Nasi lemakl and mee goreng. Menteri Perdagangan Shahrir Samad maade his visiting to Kapit as we already planned to go back to Sibu and Miri. We just pass by Shahrir Samad VVIP coach car.

we arrived at sibu wharft at 12.00pm early than expection,and then we were going straight to double storey car park in front of the sibu wharft .before,we walkabout around sibu market and capture some video and picture as souvenir to bring to miri. I had mixed feeling sad and happy as it was the of my journey to sibu, hopefully next time I will come back here with a lot of car qmj 794 has problem on combustion caused combustion not so smooth.we stop at tatau to check spark plug and then decided to check the 3pieces spark plug whict costing rm25.then we stop at the near mosque for awhile and solat.then continue our trip to bintulu which take around 40km to go.

Fortunately, we had arrived at bintulu around 4pm , searching for restoran and ended eaten at masakan panas restoran near to new suites hotel just 4km .honestly I'm so hungry after almost 3hours journey using kancil car but we still manage arrived at bintulu.after completed refresh ouselves at the restoran, we were going to bcot and mlng area, to snap some photo to be evidence that we were at bintulu. Now my turn replacing am to drive the car after he had finish his duty drove from sibu. We continued our trip to miri by using another road which is not the same road that we came from miri on saturday. Alhamdulillah we completed total journey with 800km at batu r and r .we had solah at petronas's surau and then continue our journey back to miri.

We hope to arrived at miri before 10pm.through the 2 days journey from miri to sibu and kapit had shown a lot of sarawakian culture and tradision, and the most important things,we should appreciate what we have because a lot more other people whom are not fortunate like we are.Thus , go out and see the world and you will find something that make your life more valuable and meaningful.

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